How much does the ELES Study Skills Handbook website cost?

Current Special Offers on Pricing

  The one-off Joining fee of $550 is currently waived. (Annual subscription fees still apply.)

This offer is only available for schools that have not subscribed previously.

Subscription Fees:

Annual subscription fees are as follows (and are in Australian dollars and include GST for Australian schools) and are based on total secondary school enrolment numbers for a calendar year.

Note: We do NOT offer individual or part-school or single year group subscriptions. Our subscriptions are based on TOTAL secondary school enrolment numbers as the whole school has access with the school password and the newsletter items with login details. Schools with multiple campuses located on different physical locations and separate school newsletters will need separare subscriptions for each campus.

AUD$397     for a very small school (<250 students in secondary school)
AUD$597     for a small school (<500 students in secondary school)
AUD$797     for a medium school (<800 students in secondary school)
AUD$997     for a large school (<1100 students in secondary school)
AUD$1197   for a very large school (1100+ students in secondary school)

Unlike many subscription sites that charge annual fees of $25-$99 or more per student, for most schools the study skills handbook works out at around only $1 per student per year.

For around $1 per student for most schools, every student, parent and teacher in your school has unlimited access to the site and all the online activities at school and at home for a whole year!

Should I go for Study Skills Handbook (SSH) or Study Samurai Library (SSL)?

  If you are looking for resources for both study skills AND mental health and wellbeing, the Study Samurai Library is the resource for you. 

The Study Samurai Library includes:
1) A subscription to the ELES Study Skills Handbook website and
2) The Human Connection’s online wellbeing course and
3) The Library of 75 videos (around 20 mins each) on study skills and wellbeing.

Click here to watch a video explaining the difference between SSH and SSL. 

SSL gives you three online resources for the price of two – so a subscription to SSH is half the price of a subscription to SSL: Pricing Comparison Online Options

To see the full list of topics and content in these online resources: SSH and SSL Topics.

If you are thinking you’d rather go straight for the big guns and go for the full package, click here to go to the Study Samurai Library site and subscribe – remember that will automatically give you a subscription to SSH as well. 


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